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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm in love....

Whoever said you can't buy love, must have been a man or not seen Chloe's collection of handbags, especially.....

For the lovely price of $1,495 + tax, you can take one home.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Spring shopping essentials

As the warmer weather slowly, very slowly makes its way to Chicago, I have been thinking what I am going to wear. I love spring and summer, so I tend to buy more things for these two seasons.

Some things that I will not be able to live without this spring/summer:

-- yellow plastic chain necklace (I don't really know where I got the idea for this, but I hope I can find one)

-- denim pencil skirt

-- a great versatile dress that I can wear casually or dress up for evening

-- Rocket Dog skull canvas slip on shoes from Urban Outfitters

-- a great fitted jacket (with a hoodie preferably)
something like this maybe?:

-- big square white sunglasses similar to the ones the model is wearing above

Friday, February 24, 2006

the sun today....

Dreams make me think

I had a dream last night that actually used to be a recurring dream many years ago. Which is strange. Why would I dream something like that now?

Here is the dream:

I take a motorbike with Tim to a beach. We are walking on a boardwalk or something, which is about 2-3 stories above the beach (weird). Then we notice that the waves are coming in bigger and bigger. Eventually the waves are very very high. Luckily, we are on the boardwalk so they don't reach us, but we decide to leave before they do. We realize that we have walked a really long way on the beach from our motorbike, so we go to the nearest gas station and ask for directions on how to get home using public transportation.

The part that I used to dream about was the huge waves. They were overwhelmingly and alarmingly tall. These started after I went to Acapulco in Mexico, where I saw some very high waves. I'm still not sure what it means. But whatever it meant then, it must mean something similar now. I'm not sure what it has to do with though.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Grand Gesture

When someone goes out of their way to show you just how crazy they are about you and you completely don't expect it (the gesture, not the affection).

The Grand Gesture is the ultimate romantic thing usually done by someone who is not afraid to take a RISK.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If I was a rich girl.....

I'd have my own chef who'd make me sushi or other 'raw' foods...I'd only eat raw.

I'd live in Poland and Prague and vacation in France. Of course I would also travel all over.
Top destinations:
-- Morrocco
-- Indoniesia
-- Japan
-- Tibet
-- Australia
-- New Zealand
-- Iceland
-- India
-- Malasia
-- Vietnam
-- Africa on the whole (I'd love to spend a year or something just traveling the continent)

I'd have Marc Jacobs design all my clothes and shoes. He's soo cool and complex and smart.

Once in a while I'd cheat on Marc with Stella McCartney, Chloe, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Dolce and Gabbana (cause they make the sexiest dresses). But he'd understand.

My doggie would be the most spoiled dog.....oh wait, she will be anyway.

Of course, I'd still be the cool laid back (sometimes bitchy) girl I am today. But more people would suck up to me 'cause they'd think I was something. pullleeezzz. I know who my real friends are. And my friends suck up to me now cause even though I'm a poor biatch, they still think I'm somebody. hehehe

(I know I have a weird sense of humor. But that's why you love me.)

Recent obsession-- I should get paid for this

OK. As you may know, I am vegetarian. I eat healthy and stuff (supposedly). My recent obsession has been Edy's Whole Fruit ice cream in Creamy Coconut. It tastes like real coconut and has coconut flakes. It's only 125 calories a bar or something like that so it's a good snack, especially since it does have some much needed for vegetarians protein. It is still milk based so for you vegans out there, it isn't an option. But for the rest of us, it is oooohhhhhh sooooo yummy.

And let me drive my point across at how obsessed I am with this ice cream. There have been some days when I wake up and the first thing I reach for is this little heavenly bar. Also, there have been days when I didn't anything else but a few bars. I know it sounds kinda gross, but trust me it's not. I've been eating this so much recently that now I have my brother hooked too. When people come over, I ask them to bring me some. I currently have about 4 boxes in the freezer. I'm all set for some time as long as my brother doesn't eat it all. He has a tendency to eat a lot.

By the way, I am not the only one who loves this ice cream. It has been featured in Self magazine as a good fairly healthy snack. It's also received the Best Taste Award from the American Culinary Institute. And I assume that those people know what they're talking about.

Creamy Coconut is not the only flavor, so if you hate coconut, you can still get some good stuff going. My second favorite flavor is Tropical, which has banans, pineapple, orange, passion fruit, peaches, has only 100 calories a bar, no fat, and is an excellent source of vitamin C. And it is dairy free for the vegans. Yay!!! Another good flavor is Wild Berry which is only 80 calories a bar, no fat, no dairy, and lots of vitamin C. Other flavors include: Grape, Lemonade, Lime (also good), Orange and Cream, Peach, Strawberry, and Tangerine. Thay also have some variety packs for those of us who can't make up their minds. I haven't tried all the flavors, but I bet they're pretty good.

Just so you know I ate a bar of Creamy Coconut while writing this. It was really good.

A question to the world......

This may seem silly, and maybe it is, but I am interested. Please use the comment button below to respond. (Hopefully somebody reads my blog.)

My question:

How do you know true love--the kind that makes you say 'this is it, this is the person I want for the rest of my life'? Is this the same kind of love that doesn't let you sleep or eat or function? Does it make you want to go to the highest mountains and scream?

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I know it is such a stereotype. Women love shoes. I'm not sure what it is.

I like to consider myself a shoe connoiseur of sorts. I have dabbled a bit in the Manolo Blahniks and other designer shoes, but I don't think that that's what makes a connoiseur, although experiencing different types and qualities of shoes definately helps. I am very picky in the types of shoes I like. Number one is comfort, and anyone who has tried to look for women's shoes knows that it is hard to find comfortable shoes, or at least good looking stylish ones. Also, I am fairly tall (5'8) and in the name of comfort prefer flats.

Anyway, this long shpiel does have a point. I was at Off Saks yesterday, and I found not one but two pairs of shoes I just fell in love with and that I must own. One is a pair of Marc Jacobs ballet flats with a flower print. Here they are:

The other shoes are a pair of kitten heels (about 1 inch high--about 2-3 cm) from Eugenia Kim. They are mostly white leather with a small peep toe (cute with painted toe nails against the white). On one side the is some very pale pink. On the front they have a subtle cat face and small ears that stick out. They're very different and cute. I can imagine them with just a pair of cute dark jeans a t-shirt or with a cute denim skirt.

The amazing thing is that both of these very cute and stylish shoes are extremely comfortable. So I must own them. It kinda sucks that I haven't worked for two weeks, otherwise I should have gotten them or at least one of them. But if it was meant to be, then it will happen.


In case anyone has been wondering why I haven't been writing on here, I had surgery on January 31 and have been recovering since. It was nothing very serious, although it was major surgery. I had an ovarian cyst that was terratoma (which means there was tissue growing inside it) and had to be removed. Surgery went fine and I am healing very nicely. I will be completely back to normal within 2 weeks the doctor has said (or at least pretty close to it). It's weird to have a scar on my body because I have never had any major cuts or breaks, so this was my first experience into this arena. It was a pretty hard one sometimes....especially when at first I had a hard time getting up out of bed or walking. But I can barely remember those days and sometimes forget I had surgery. Although once in a while my body reminds me.

Other things that have been going on with me:

+ Some of my jewelry and headpieces are available to purchase at the Barrington Area Arts Council gift shop located at 121B Barrington Commons, Barrington, IL 60010. Phone number 874.382.5626.

+ I am going to get a puppy. I have decided on a Toy Rat Terrier breed. I should have one sometime in May (will keep you posted). Anyone out there with a rattie, I'd love to talk to you. Also this will be my first stint in raising a puppy (or parenting of any kind), so I'd love help, suggestions, and reccomendations.

That's it really. Just keeping busy working and doing research on dogs, ownership, training, etc. I should have updates very soon on my summer hat collections. I know you're just dying to see them.