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Friday, September 30, 2005

Imogen Heap

I've found a new CD to obsess about since Frou Frou is no more.
Imogen Heap's Speak for Yourself.

My favorite songs so far:
- Headlock
- Loose Ends
- Just for Now
- I Am In Love With You
- Closing In
- The Moment I Said It

For more info:

The photo is a promo photo from the album.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I had a weird violent dream about an old job. I think one of my worst fears is to have a boring job like that one. The worst was that I don’t think they were doing well financially, cause every once in a while they would pay us late. I don’t event want to get into the dream. All I can say is that it was weird and somewhat violent and in the end I got rescued by some firemen.

I’ve also been having a lot of food dreams. What in the world could that mean? Last night I dreamed I was at my friend Betty’s mom’s house and that we ate warm sauerkraut. I did have a conversation about sauerkraut yesterday, so maybe that’s why I dreamt of that. But the thing is that I haven’t been to Betty’s mom’s house since high school. Maybe I’m remembering the good old days when I used to go there and they would feed me really good Polish food. Betty’s mom loved cooking for us. Sometimes when Betty would go to Poland for vacation, I would go over to her mom’s house and her mom would cook for me.

Another dream I had last night was of a reddish brown fox fur blanket (an antique one that my mom gave me—although I doubt in real life my mom would own something like that and if she did she'd never give it to me). Anyway, I took this blanket all over with me. At one point I dropped it accidentally into the gutter and someone almost took it, but I realized it was missing before he had a chance to walk away with it. Then some woman (possibly this man’s wife), washed it for me and the blanket turned into Winnie the Pooh and Piglet stuffed toys—big ones. Then I was riding bikes around with Justyna or Basia (or a weird morph of the two of them), and every once in a while I would pull a bike out of my big black messenger bag with a strap that was too long and I had to wrap it around my body twice. Sometimes we would be in a big gray city and sometimes we would be in a really sunny beautiful green forest. We might have been trying to escape from something, but that I don’t remember too well. I remember being barefoot. And eventually I saw my mom and had to tell her that the blanket had turned into the Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. This was a very very strange dream.

Isn’t it weird how dreams and your waking life sometimes blend and you can’t remember what really happened and what didn’t?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some thoughts............

Chardonnay and a conversation with some cigarettes mixed in can be oh so very nice.

I've been thinking of writing something again......thinking of lost loves..........unexpected kisses from unexpected people............

Tomorrow (errrrr......rather today) I am off to the Independent Designers Market to sell some hats. I have some new ones so we'll see how it goes. I had a dream last night that I made a lot of money, let's hope it was one of those prophetic ones. Hehehe

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Things I'm wishing for right now:

+ sushi
+ cigarettes
+ chardonnay or champagne
+ warm lazy rain (more like a drizzle)
+ sensual kisses in the above mentioned rain
+ an amazing conversation

That's it. That's all I wish I had at the moment, but I guess the stars are not aligned properly, so for now I'll have to settle for the chardonnay and cigarettes.