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Friday, November 30, 2007

haven't written in (quite) a while...

...but I promise to be better.

Recently, I have been cheking out many different crafters' blogs and have been really inspired.  Firstly, to make "stuff" and secondly, to update my blog more frequently.  I must convince myself that blogging mustn't be profound.

So my resolution is to write more and make more.  I already created a drawing/sketching/doodling/writing/scribbling journal.  Maybe I'll take pics of it once in a while and add them on here.  Also, since I have been living in Poland, Ihaven't really been making too much.  I did weave a bit this summer, and I have crocheted a few hats, but I am nowhere near the US output levels.  This MUST and WILL change.

Maybe I should talk about what I've been up to in the last year since moving to Poland.
1.  I have been teaching English.  I love it!
2. I got a puppy, her name is Inka.  (Will try to add pictures - she's adorable.)
3. I am studying art therapy.
4. I will have my bedroom remodeled before the holidays.
5. I got engaged. (Wedding July 2008)
Those are probably the biggest things.  I feel like I've accomplished so much more, but they're smaller things and some of them are less tangible.  Some can only be understood by others who have moved here to Poland (like dealing with government offices - don't get me started).

I am working on some major projects that may determine the focus of my life for the next few years.  Some I cannot divulge just yet, but one that I can is the Art Factory Artist Residence Program (more info: ).

Today was a beautiful day.  I had the opportunity to sleep in until about 1 p.m.  It was snowing most of the day and the dog was going crazy (she can see through the balcony door what is going on outside).  In the evening (around 11 p.m.), Pawel and I went out for a walk with her and she just loved it.  We were throwing snowballs to her and she would catch them and eat them.  Then we went to our usual spot, behind the puppet theater and just by the new opera (being built at the moment), and we built a snowman.  I don't think I've done that in a few years.  I intend to go back tomorrow and photograph it if it's still up.  Although chances are small, because it's raining now, so it will probably melt.


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