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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If I was a rich girl.....

I'd have my own chef who'd make me sushi or other 'raw' foods...I'd only eat raw.

I'd live in Poland and Prague and vacation in France. Of course I would also travel all over.
Top destinations:
-- Morrocco
-- Indoniesia
-- Japan
-- Tibet
-- Australia
-- New Zealand
-- Iceland
-- India
-- Malasia
-- Vietnam
-- Africa on the whole (I'd love to spend a year or something just traveling the continent)

I'd have Marc Jacobs design all my clothes and shoes. He's soo cool and complex and smart.

Once in a while I'd cheat on Marc with Stella McCartney, Chloe, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Dolce and Gabbana (cause they make the sexiest dresses). But he'd understand.

My doggie would be the most spoiled dog.....oh wait, she will be anyway.

Of course, I'd still be the cool laid back (sometimes bitchy) girl I am today. But more people would suck up to me 'cause they'd think I was something. pullleeezzz. I know who my real friends are. And my friends suck up to me now cause even though I'm a poor biatch, they still think I'm somebody. hehehe

(I know I have a weird sense of humor. But that's why you love me.)


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