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Friday, February 24, 2006

Dreams make me think

I had a dream last night that actually used to be a recurring dream many years ago. Which is strange. Why would I dream something like that now?

Here is the dream:

I take a motorbike with Tim to a beach. We are walking on a boardwalk or something, which is about 2-3 stories above the beach (weird). Then we notice that the waves are coming in bigger and bigger. Eventually the waves are very very high. Luckily, we are on the boardwalk so they don't reach us, but we decide to leave before they do. We realize that we have walked a really long way on the beach from our motorbike, so we go to the nearest gas station and ask for directions on how to get home using public transportation.

The part that I used to dream about was the huge waves. They were overwhelmingly and alarmingly tall. These started after I went to Acapulco in Mexico, where I saw some very high waves. I'm still not sure what it means. But whatever it meant then, it must mean something similar now. I'm not sure what it has to do with though.


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