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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Once and for all….my beliefs:

Every once in a while, I get someone who tells me that I’m lying to myself when I say I don’t want to have children. They can’t believe that someone doesn’t want to leave something behind—to create life. But I really don’t. Who are we to think we are important enough, that our duty is to continue our life on this planet? We are just pieces of dust in a huge, beyond our comprehension universe.

I believe that having children is about raising good people, and not about just leaving something behind. We are animals, just like monkeys and dogs, but unlike them, we were created to have thought and judgment. We are here to take care of that/those that cannot take care of themselves. We owe it to the world and Earth to leave it better than we got here.

If the Earth is our mother, we are bad children. We have polluted, overpopulated, cut down too many forests, killed too many animals, etc, etc, etc. I don’t think that we HAVE to have children to be fulfilled. We’re intelligent thinking animals, and there are so many things that could give meaning to our lives—the betterment of this world, through thoughtful world centered actions, through kindness and goodness, and sometimes just a simple smile to someone we don’t know.

We have been so cruel to our mother Earth, that it is possible our children and theirs will not have such a beautiful place to live. Can you imagine a world without rainforests, mountains to hike, or oceans, lakes, and rivers to swim in? I cannot either, but that is where we are heading.

I know I may sound like some clichéd hippy in this rant of mine, but I am so sick of people being self-centered and not aware and concerned with the rest of the world. Maybe one day I will decide that I would like children (if 1. I feel financially capable of that decision and 2. I feel emotionally and intellectually ready for that decision), but you can trust that I will be trying to adopt an unwanted child somewhere, because believe me there are too many of them, and they deserve as much love (if not more) as children we bear. But no one will ever convince me to have my own, and anyone in their right mind shouldn’t either. We owe it to the world and planet to be responsible human beings.


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