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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Some news and a little about me

As some of you may know, I am a milliner. You can check out my designs online:

I work under the label Uszi Zefiryn. I am currently producing hats for my fall/winter collection (mostly women's, but I do have some crocheted hats that are unisex). I am inthe middle of talking with some stores about carrying my line, so I will let everyone know. It will only be in Chicago for now. In January, I will start working on the spring collection, which will definately include more men's styles. But more about that later.

I am currently working on my website:
I will let everyone know when it is up and ready, but you can check it out now, as there is some more information about me and my company.

Any of you involved in fashion, I would love to trade links with you.

Also, coming up Hat Magazine from London will be doing an entire issue dedicated to hats in Chicago, and there should be at least a little something in there about me. I will put up a link when it comes out.


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