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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Love is complicated

I'm not even sure I'm talking about love. Sometimes I wonder if life wouldn't be easier if we would all just go around and have random sex with random people. It would be hot because you barely know the person (or not at all), and if it was bad, it'd never happen again. I know that there are some people who do that, but I'm starting to believe that it should be the norm. What's the point of meeting someone, dating, eventually having sex, and then playing stupid games to see who will say 'I love you' first.....and then what? Some people get married, have kids, white picket fence and all, BUT.....what if that's not what you want?

Recently I've been wondering if I need to be with someone at all? Of course, I need sex, but that can be very easily taken care of (I am a good looking woman after all). Besides sex, what do I need from a man? Romance? Usually guys are romantic in order to get you into bed and then for a little while afterwards, so being with a guy does not guarantee romance. I've done romantic things with girls and been just as satisfied (if not more) . I know, I know, I'm cynical.

What else do men provide? Companionship....hmmmmm.....I've recently had a problem with this idea. A lot of people can be companions, not just men. Anyway, men are no longer chivalrous. No more opening doors for women. No more sweet, romantic, almost meaningless gestures. These things used to be worth so much more in courting. Now I'm lucky if a guy says please and thank you. Am I just running into the bad bunch?

I don't mean to be so down on men. I love men. I love how they make me feel (sexy and powerful). But I'm just wondering where in my life do they fit in?


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